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The only hard part with IoT is understanding our name

First of all, sorry for making your life hard with our name. AKKR8 is pronounced accurate. Again, that is the only hurdle you need to pass when using our product. We are here to make life easy.

Built for your success

After seeing too many IoT-proof of concepts fail we took our experience from industrial communication and love for everything connected we felt that something needed to be done.

We created a platform that is flexible. A platform that is scalable and a platform that is easy to install and provides a secure connection.

We love IoT. And we would love to make IoT-dreams come true.

THINK BIG and be proud

AKKR8 is built for scaleing up. Our base offering is a sensor that can handle a lot of different usecases, dreams and visions. Good if you want to evaluate IoT or grow your idea.

Our design is built to scale, so when you are ready for the massive roll-out, we can reduce the number of on-board sensors to reduce the cost. As we control the hardware and software design, we can even do OEM-designs from this platform if you want to.

AKKR8 is built for Edge to Edge IoT. One of the Edges in almost any IoT-setup is a sensor. Our smart sensor AKKR8, represents the Sensor- Edge. The other Edge is the senor data presented to the user, we call it the Front-Edge.

This Edge to Edge approach for IoT is built based on our teams +25 years expericence of secure and reliable connections for machines, networks and sensors.

Reach out form

    AKKR8 AB
    [email protected]

    Understanding AKKR8

    Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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