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In 2018, the founders of AKKR8 had a brainstorming session. What have they yet to do in life that was on their bucket list? The IoT-sensor market was taking on. There seemed to be a niche in the sensor market for mobile networks, but what could they add to the ever-growing IoT ecosystem?
The team decided to load the device with their 75+ years of experience in machine-to-machine communication. After seeing too many IoT-proof-of-concepts fail, they wanted to do something to address the problem. They combined their expertise in industrial communication and love for everything connected. In late 2019, AKKR8 launched the first outline of the AKKR8 product, and we are now on the fourth iteration.

The only hard part with IoT is understanding our name

Sorry for making your life hard with our name. AKKR8 is pronounced accurate. Again, that is the only hurdle you need to pass when using our product. We are here to make life easy. AKKR8 is a flexible hardware platform. A platform that is scalable, easy to install, and provides a secure connection.

In 2020 we launched the first version of AKKR8, built for a proof of concept with Boklok with our partner Telenor. The first version could only measure temp/humidity.

In 2021 we developed our platform further to accept more sensors. After thorough testing we launched the Multisensor version of AKKR8.

In 2022 a lot of focus was on air quality and indoor climate. We finalised projects like “IoT i Skolan” and air quality measurements at the Nordic Choice Hotel with partner Tele2 IoT.

In 2023 we have been part of the operator Tres IoT demo-room. Deutsche Telekom has promoted us as an approved hardware partner via IoT-creators. We are also a thingsboard approved partner.

In 2024 we expect great things to happen 🙂

Think big and be proud

AKKR8 is built for scaleing up. Our base offering is a sensor that can handle many use cases, from dreams and visions to scaleable IoT solutions. The sensor platform should cover every aspect of an IoT journey, from the evaluation of IoT to fulfilling your ideas. Our sensor platform is built to scale, so when you are ready for the massive roll-out, we can tweak the design to fulfil your exact needs.

As we control the hardware and software design, we can even do OEM designs from this platform if you want to.

AKKR8 is built on our team’s +25 years of experience in secure and reliable connections for machines, networks and sensors. AKKR8 was developed and produced in Sweden.

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    We love IoT. And we would love to make IoT-dreams come true.

    AKKR8 AB
    [email protected]

    Understanding AKKR8

    Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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