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New Firmware with continuous upload

In our ongoing efforts to construct the most flexible IoT hardware solutions, we are pleased to announce the release of yet another firmware version, now with more ‘yeehaw’ than ever before.

Continuous innovation, continuous uploads

Version 1.4.3 brings a multitude of new features and improvements, with the standout addition being the continuous upload feature. Our developers’ primary objective was to modify device behavior with the overarching goal: “Aim to be continuously connected, always ready to send data.”

Once this function is enabled, the device will:

– Initiate startup procedures
– Read sensors once or at configured intervals, thereafter pushing payload(s) to a cloud server

This behavior will be repeated, ensuring the device remains connected to both the network and the cloud throughout the session.

To be continuos

In addition to watchdogs and other features designed to maintain connection stability, the device will reboot after a certain period (configurable, with a default of 24 hours) to ensure long-term stability.

For whom, you may ask? Well, this mode is not suited for those seeking to conserve battery power, as it requires continuous power and thus necessitates a power supply.

Similar to many other function modes within this device, we utilize “reading triggers” — conditions that must be met for the device to register a payload. Whether you wish to continuously monitor a conveyor belt and only transmit data when a sensor is activated, track temperature and receive alerts when it falls below a certain threshold, or record vibrations beyond a specified level, this device is equipped to meet your needs.

The new feature, named Continuous Sensor Reading, is part of the non-traditional sensor reading schemes we have implemented in the device.

Our aim is to expand the range of use cases beyond battery-driven applications, and we are confident that you are eager to learn more. Please do not hesitate to reach out for further information!

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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