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The AKKR8-sensors sends device and sensor data to an IoT-platform using standard data protocols. We have designed the device to work standard IoT platforms like AWS, Azure IoT-Hub. But sometimes you need something beyond that. Something that increases your company identity. Something that is your branded and own solution. The custom front edge of your IoT-solution. For that we recommend our partners below.

Thellio platform


Together with its sister company Cogitel, Thellio have delivering cloud-based software products for the IoT and Telecom industries since 2010. While others talk about IoT as the industry game changer, the Thellio team have been working with this for over a decade.

Since Thellio is a cloud-based service all the connected devices can be monitored and managed by the web-based customer portal. No need to install or maintain any software.

Thellio is easily configured for your specific needs and looks, such as branding and what type of data to be visualized. All to be an integrated and natural part of your value chain.

You own your asset data and only pay for the license to use Thellio. This gives your business access to all the latest features and don’t have to care about development or maintenance, IoT as a service.


Cybercom’s operations are divided into four business areas, Solutions, Experience, Connectivity and Insight, which offer services in tailored system development, digital customer experiences, internet of things, cloud and cyber security. Together with Cybercom, we have developed customized solutions for customers who wants a company branded, tailor made IoT experience based on Telenor’s MIC platform.

PARTNERS welcome

IoT is always best in teams. That is our firm understanding. We are experts in hardware and delivering the information to a cloud or on-prem platform. But we are not front-end experts.We are expanding our network all the time, in order to offer the best IoT-eco system in the world. If your company has a platform or front-end solution to offer, please get in contact with us today.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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