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The AKKR8 sensor reports its status via MQTT. The payload will look differently depending on what sensors are active on the board. Here is one example of a payload for an ECO2, humidity and temperature equipped unit.

“latlng”:”59.291759, 18.080950″,

Here is an explanation:
Eco2: 708.0 -CO2 level in ppm
Humidity: 69.17624 -humidity in percentage
Temperature: 22.25181 -temperature in degrees
TVOC 46.0 -Total volatile organic compounds in PPB

And the following are device specific data:
read_errors: 0 -means all sensors on the board are operational
tcxn: {“connection_status”: 2, “battery_level”: 100, “fw_ver”: “0.57.0”, “iccid”: “89462036XXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “network_type”: “LTE”, “imei”: “35434709XXXXXXX”, “rssi”: 100} -this refers to the connection, ie signal quality, SIM-number and so on

input_voltage: 5.074272 -well input voltage 🙂

latlng: 59.291759, 18.080950 -position (a fixed value of the device, we can update via MQTT Callbacks if needed)

sensor: Temperature,_Humidity,_Eco2,_and_Tvoc -these are the sensors that are configured to be operational on the board

expander_error: false -this is related to hardware. We power up only one sensor at the time to make it power efficient. This payload only lets us know if that key component, that powers up the sensors, fails.

timestamp: 1631262055000 -this is the time stamp of the payload.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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