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Enhancing our sensors with Callbacks

In the IoT market, efficient communication between devices and servers is paramount. In our AKKR8 sensors, we use MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) in most cases to report data to a cloud service (AWS/Azure IoT Hub/Thingsboard/Also or other similar platforms). We benefit from using MQTT callbacks as it offers a powerful mechanism for us to handle the reconfiguration of the device in a safe, platform-agnostic and power-efficient way. This blog post explores the significance of MQTT callbacks and how it empowers us to optimize IoT applications.

What is MQTT?

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol, there are others, but MQTT serves as the backbone for streamlined communication in many IoT applications. At its core, MQTT operates on a publish-subscribe model. The sensors connect to an MQTT broker and report the sensor readings. But before they detach, they look at specific topics they subscribe to and receive messages published on those topics.

The device subscribes to different topics. These topics can send messages that will change device parameters if you know the correct configuration command. The username, passwords, encryption certificates and all user data are protected, but relatively simple things like:

· reporting interval
· alarm thresholds
· turn on/off specific sensors (to save power)
· turn on/off the LED for diagnostics

can be reprogrammed (the list is quite long, but we can only supply all details to customers that have signed an NDA with us).

The power of callbacks

MQTT callbacks empower any platform we connect to process messages and configure essential things in the device. The superpower is that we only need a single platform to process sensor readings and configuration, and most platforms on the market can handle these functions.

Three strengths of MQTT callbacks are that they execute fast, are easy on the processor, and can handle messages when the device is connected without additional processes or servers running. As we use TLS-encrypted messages with end-to-end encryption, we rest assured that the devices can not be reprogrammed by other individuals or organizations than you.

We can effectively manage MQTT communication and build robust IoT applications by utilising callbacks. In the dynamic landscape of IoT, MQTT callbacks offer a powerful solution for efficient message handling and event-driven programming. By employing callbacks, pros like you can harness the full potential of MQTT, ensuring seamless communication between devices and servers in IoT environments. With MQTT callbacks, the possibilities for optimizing IoT applications are nearly endless.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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