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The AKKR8 sensor could be either charged and/or permanently powered up with an optional power supply.

Note! The product is tested with a 5V ±10% power supply that can be ordered from us. That 5V power supply has 1,5 m power cables and 0,75A inline fuse. The power supply has interchangeable connectors for various countries wall-outlets.

Note! The product should only be charged by a 5V ±10% power supply. The power supply needs to be equipped with a fuse (0.75A quick-blow fuse).

The power supply should be connected like the image below.

power supplyThe power must not be connected into any other connectors our in any other way to prevent the risk of damaging the board. Wiring up the power with the polarity reversed will blow the fuse. If you find that the fuse has blown, check the polarity of the wiring.

When installing the AKKR8 Sensor, allow space for a means of disconnecting the power. This can be done with a suitable switch for the mains power, or by disconnecting the DC power feed by removing the fuse from the fuse-holder.


Input voltage:
100V – 240V AC
Input current:
0.5A max
Input frequency:
50/60 Hz
Output voltage:
Output current:
External supply voltage:
5.0V +/-10%
External supply current:
between 0 – 600mA, depending on mode of operation
External supply fuse:
750mA, quick-blow type, 20mm cartridge fuse (replacement fuses should match this type)

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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