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The IoT platform to realize your dreams

Our IoT sensor provides the ideal sensor-to-platform solution for your IoT journey, no matter your idea or project size.

AKKR8 is easy to deploy. It uses the 4G and 5G networks, meaning the installation is easy.

AKKR8 has a lot of built-in sensors to measure almost anything. If your dreams are even bigger, we can help you add the sensors you need or assist with a custom design.

We want to make your IoT-journey simple, safe and predictable.


AKKR8 is a wonderful sensor-platform for you to create your ideas. We have combined embedded sensors in a smart device. The device can adopt to many use-cases. It even that has the flexibility to add new functions so you can grow the ideas you nourish.

With AKKR8, we come prepared. We can help you with all the steps from starting your IoT-journey, testing your ideas, adopting new ideas, scale-up the idea and grow.

akkr8 sensor device


AKKR8 is an IoT-solution built for Edge to Edge IoT. Secure. Scalable. Predictable.


Smart IoT sensor

One of the Edges in almost any IoT-echo system is a sensor. AKKR8 represents what we call the Sensor-Edge. A smart sensor that can take action in the Edge of the system, to keep power consumption low and make important decisions faster. The AKKR8 sensor itself has a built in processor that can make powerful decisions fast and power efficient at the network edge. This improves performance and battery life time.



We believe that IoT must be secure, secure and secure. Therefore we have implemented quite strict security measures in our device. The “internet between things” needs a secure connection so you can transfer your data from and to the sensor in a safe way. AKKR8 has support for 5G technologies meaning the networks are powerful, secure and scalable.



The other Edge is the sensor data presented to your IoT platform. We call this Edge the Front-Edge.

The AKKR8-sensors sends device and sensor data to an IoT-platform of your choice. We have designed the device to work with standard IoT-protocols that almost any IoT-platform can handle.

If you want to go the extra mile and present data tailored to your brand and IoT ecosystem we offer customised front-edge experiences together with partners.


With AKKR8 we wanted to create a toolkit for the complete IoT-journey. Prototyping is fun, but it takes time and skills. The step from prototype to a ready made product is also a hefty task. With AKKR8 we have a platform to meet your needs, wether it is prototyping or going to market. The perfect multi-tool for IoT.

swiss army IoT

Ready for IoT?

You probably already have a great idea or two? So lets start your IoT-journey!

Fill in the details about you and your project so we can start the journey!


Let us help you!

We have seen far too many start with IoT and end the journey far too soon. Our AKKR8 platform is built on the foundation of our knowledge and experience from Industrial IoT.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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