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The AKKR8 sensor is provided in a plastic box that houses electronics, antenna and battery. The device is not rated for outdoor use without additional protective casings. As long as you use a plastic casing the built in antenna will be enough to get cell coverage in most areas.

There are two sizes of boxes:

akkr8 without battery top
akkr8 without battery side

Box without integrated battery

The box without battery has a lower profile and is intended for use with a 5V power supply.

akkr8 with battery top
akkr8 with battery side

Box with integrated battery

The box with battery has a higher profile and has a built in battery that can be charged with the units built in charger.

AKKR8 open box

External sensors

The sides of the boxes can be removed to get better access to the screw terminals and other sensor connectors. These can be machined by us (for an additional fee) or trimmed by you.

Integrated antenna

The antenna is integrated behind the label, so please do not cover the label or front of the product.


The box can be mounted to the surface by attaching screws through the two holes from the front. The device has an integrated antenna under the front cover. Please consider that when mounting the device so that you leave enough free space in front of the device.

All boxes

On the top of the box there are four holes. One hole, in the middle of the label, is for the LED. The other holes are for the air vents for the sensors.

Optional casings

As an option we provide a table top box that has no mounting flange (see image to the right).

We provide a snap-on wall mount that attaches to the underside of the box.

Our standard box with no holes for LEDs or air vent can be supplied, that box is then IP40 rated.

For outdoor use, we supply an IP67 rated box that is water and weather proof.

All these options are subject to MoQ.

Box with no flange

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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