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AKKR8 supports external temperature probes (Dallas 1-wire) that can be connect to the screw terminals on the board. There is already a resistor on the board, so you do not need to think about that.

External temperature sensor

IoT temperature sensorThe 1-Wire interface has three pins on the board, but it could be used with two pin devices as well. When using three pin devices the power pin connects to 3V3.

AKKR8 Sensor is the 1-Wire interface Master, and so is expected to supply power to the external devices at 3.3V.

Normal state and alarm state

All sensors can have a normal state and an alarm state. Let us use an example. You have a temperature probe. The device wakes up every five minutes, reads value and store is it the device. Uploading the values will be done once a day. The normal and safe temperature is under 4°C. If the device reads 5°C after waking up, it will enter an alarm state. In the alarm state it can for example start and hold the relay in position on to for example start a local alarma on a freezer and at the same time make sure that it immediately uploads all values to the platform. In the alarm state it can be set to report more frequently as well, for example every minute. The alarm state will be restored once the temperature value gets back to normal.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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