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gpio-portAKKR8 has a GPIO port that can provide voltage to external sensors or work with I2C or SPI sensors. The GPIO is our magicicians toolkit. You can use the port for almost any I2C or SPI sensor, the only thing needed is a driver. We can easily adopt an existing driver, or write a new one for you. The GPIO port can also be used for powering up sensors. Here is an example.

Use case

Let us say you have a sensor that needs to be powered up occasionally. The GPIO port can power up the sensor just before it should be read. Let us assume you want the 4-20 mA input to read a level in a tank. When the device starts, it will supply your sensor with 3V3 and after it has been powered up, it will read the value, power down the sensor and go back to sleep.

The GPIO-port is our “make your dream come true”-port if we can not solve it based on the sensors already on the board.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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