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The AKKR8 board has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, in short the TH sensor.

Using AKKR8 for measuring temperature and humidity

humidity and temperatureThe geeky description is that it has a monolithic integrated circuit to measure humidity and temperature. The sensor is made for low-power applications. It has low drift and hysteresis, and excellent long term stability.

Calibrated from factory

The humidity and temperature sensors are factory-calibrated and the calibration data is stored in the on-chip non-volatile memory. This ensures that the sensors are fully interchangeable, with no recalibration or software changes required.

The TH-sensor offers an accurate, low-power, factory-calibrated digital solution ideal for measuring humidity, dew-point, and temperature, in applications ranging from HVAC/R and tracking to industrial and consumer products.

The embedded sensor

· Precision Relative Humidity Sensor: ± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH
· High Accuracy Temperature Sensor ±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C
· 0 to 100% RH operating range

AKKR8 wakes up at predefined time intervals. The sensor can send every value to the server or be set to read the value, store it and go back to sleep if the value is below an acceptable limit. It can also be set to disregard the reading if it is within certain limits. If the threshold is exceeded, the sensor will force the value to be sent immediately to the server.

What we can not do

Our temp/humidity sensor is very accurate but it can give wrong readings if it comes into contact with water, for example in the case of heavy condensation. When air of a certain temperature and relative humidity is cooled, the relative humidity will increase. If you have a surface that is cold, water vapour at a certain temperature will condense on the surface. We therefore advise against outdoor installation.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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