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akkr8 without battery top

One size, fits all your needs

Our IoT sensor provides the ideal sensor-to-platform solution for your IoT journey, no matter your idea or project size.

AKKR8 is easy to deploy. It uses the 4G and 5G networks, meaning the installation is easy.

AKKR8 has a lot of built-in sensors to measure almost anything. If your dreams go beyond our design limitations, we can add the sensors you need for your project. We can evenassist with a custom design.

AKKR8 brings intelligence to the network edges. A smart sensor that can make great decisions fast. It has quite a few onboard sensors for the basic needs and also massive support for external sensors of various models.


While others compete, we strive to lead.

Our differentiation lies in unparalleled functionality and adaptability.

The AKKR8 sensor is created to address the need of many IoT-business verticals and can be adopted to new situations, just like a swiss army knife.

New models can be crafted from the same hardware platform, to meet different market needs without additional engineering.


Multisensor IoT-Gateway

With sensors, for sensors. The AKKR8 sensor board houses most of the popular sensors on the market. We have populated the board with sensors like air quality (TVOC and CO2), temperature and humidity. Sensors useful in building automation, indoor climate control, monitoring of refridgerators and transports and smart city applications.

AKKR8 also has a built in accelerometer, useful for monitoring of transports, for predictive maintenance of machines, for factory automation.

AKKR8 also supports standard sensors for industrial applications, sensors for pressure sensing, water flow meter and level monitoring can easily be connected to the device.


On top of that we support external sensors for various needs. Thanks to our thoughtful design, we can easily add your sensors and hardware even for small scale designs or tests.

Energy efficient

We designed the AKKR8 sensor to be as carbon neutral as possible. One important thing, was to create a device optimised to save energy. The device communicates via energy saving cellular technologies (LPWAN) and can work offline for months to save battery.

Most IoT devices on the market, can only be used with primary battery cells, in other words, batteries we throw away when empty. Our sensor is equiped with a greener powering options. For a start, it has a built in battery charger so you can reuse the battery, over and over again. The power supply can be the mains, or a solar panel that will charge the devices battery during the light hours of the day, and then the device can work from the battery during the dark hours.

The AKKR8 sensor has a built in processor that can make the decisions fast and power-efficient at the network edges.

Use the sensor with:

Built in rechargeable battery
Replaceable battery
External power supply


AKKR8 offers connection via 4G/5G-compatible cellular, low power technologies. It uses an integrated antenna and networks available almost anywhere to make IoT accessible and easy.



Secure and safe

AKKR8 was designed with security in mind. Valuable data must be protected, therefore data is encrypted from the sensor to the point data where it enters your system. The device has its own security certificates and sends data in a secure way.

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Understanding AKKR8

Sorry for making your life hard with pronouncing our name. AKKR8 means "accurate".



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